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KZNSA LAB is an educational blog linked to the KZNSA Gallery’s dynamic exhibition calendar helping educators and learners engage with artwork on display and its themes.


A brief contextualization of the exhibition, explaining the importance and relevance of the exhibition coming to eThekwini, and creating connections between the artwork and audience.


Poses questions and research topics for educators to take back to the classroom and explore with their learners, or for learners and/or researchers to explore independently. Invites shared engagement and has potential to become a platform for critical writing around the visual arts.


Practical making exercises and activities for teachers to take back to the classroom in a workshop format. Eg. videos and demonstrations by local artists, documented on site at the KZNSA or in studio.

Blog supplemented by a short workbook available in the gallery for school groups to work through on site, and all material will be developed in keeping with CAPS requirements.

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